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    Problems when photographing jewelry, part 2

    Photo of jewelry

    Photo of jewelry

    Problems when photographing jewelry, part 2

    (Проблемы при съемке ювелирных изделий, часть 2)

    wrong white balance;

    This is what can deform the view of the subject and even worse – spoil a potential buyer’s impression of the product. Whatever you use to determine the white balance, a camera or Photoshop, it’s important to see and control the final result yourself. Lighting discrepancy can be found in any picture, the automatics can react in its own way, but the photographer’s eye is the last instance determining the correctness of the choice. When a photographer makes a close-up portrait, he can check the white balance on the retina. To do this in Photoshop you need to use the Eyedropper Tool, click on the necessary place on the eye. When shooting jewelry it is more convenient to use the gray card. First you take a test shot with a perfectly gray color sheet in the image. Then in Photoshop the white balance is determined by this sample. Remember the color temperature and shade value. When processing images we use the obtained values. Photography is performed in RAW format.
    A hand bracelet on a light gray background
    camera angles;

    Picture of jewelry - earrings and ring

    Picture of jewelry – earrings

    In this blog it has already been said that it is important to stick to the same angle within one photo-set. But if the task is to show the goods from different viewpoints and angles, zoomed in and out, it’s necessary to consider the system of angles when photographing one subject. There are such terms as main type and additional images. Usually it is preferable to use as main image the photo of the object in perspective. It is believed that the human eye better percepts the direction from the near left corner to the far right one. As additional images projections are sometimes used: projection from above, from the side, frontal projection. If the customer is willing to pay, you can use a model to show jewelry more effectively.

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