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    Difficulties in photographing jewelry, part 3

     – reflection of surroundings on a subject

    Silver ring with pearlsThe task of the photographer when shooting jewelry is to give the product a spectacular, attractive appearance, adding brightness and brilliance. On the one hand this is what actually must be done since metal, glass and gems have high reflective properties and this feature needs to be emphasized by the photographer. But on the other hand jewelry reflects the entire surroundings, including the camera and the photographer himself. This feature must be taken into account during the shooting to minimize possible stray reflections appearing, using white backgrounds, diffusers and reflectors. Sometimes it is necessary to surround the object with white material and after photographing to check if there are stray reflections on the article, adjust the position of reflectors and lighting devices. If you think the best result is achieved, take photos and edit them in Photoshop. By the way, I’ll remind you that to retouch stray reflections Mixer Brush and Stamp Tools are usually used.

    – insufficient depth of field

    Ring in stoneSometimes in product photography a blur effect is applied. But when photographing jewelry it is usually necessary to sharpen the entire article. Or, speaking the language of photography, to provide the necessary depth of sharp image space (DSIS). Depth of field depends on the lens focal distance and the aperture value. The smaller the lens focal distance is, the greater the DSIS turns out to be; the more closed the aperture is, the higher the DSIS comes. In the product photography we don’t shoot with a small lens focal distance because of great deformations. The only way out is to close the aperture to the desired value. On the Internet, you can find indicator tables to determine the DSIS, there are also mobile applications of this kind.

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